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We're now offering Intravenous (IV) Therapy

We are happy to announce that we are now offering Intravenous (IV) Therapy at Mcdowall Integrative Psychology and Healthcare. 


This remarkable treatment is fast-acting and can be helpful in improving your overall health and mood. It helps to hydrate, boost energy, improve mood, prevent cold and flu and improve resiliency to stress while delivering fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins directly into the blood stream. 

Rapid Delivery.

 Micronutrients are delivered directly through your bloodstream, to your cells, so your body can replenish.

100% Absorption.

Nutrients bypass the digestive system to give you maximum absorption, in minimal time.

Therapeutic Dosing

Vitamins are delivered in the blood at higher therapeutic level, so you can feel the benefits, immediately.

Custom Infusions.

Increase energy, improve overall health, detoxify, rehydrate, boost mood. Our infusions are tailored to your needs.

Choose from our pre-formulated menu or have your bag customized to meet your unique health care needs. IV is commonly used to treat the following:






Cold and Flu Prevention and Support


Migraine Headaches




Mood Disorders


Seasonal Allergies


Immune System Support


Burnout, Fatigue and

Chronic Fatigue







The Better Mind Menu


Be Calm


This formula is designed to target anxiety and to treat stress. With a unique combination of B vitamins and minerals focused on slowing the stress response, this drip helps to keep you calm and relaxed and in “parasympathic” mode.​


Be Focused


This formula was created for those who struggle with focus and attention.  Our specific blend of nutrients is combined to help the brain function more effectively and efficiently.


Be Boosted


This formula is our go-to for low mood.  With a healthy dose of amino acids targeted to improve brain function, this combination helps to improve your mood and increase your energy.

Anti-Eating Disorder

Be Nourished


This cocktail is for those who are having trouble with their diet and eating habits. Specific nutrients have been selected to correct common deficiencies and help to round out gaps in the diet.

Health and Wellness Menu


Be Hydrated


Feeling a little parched? This combination of electrolytes, hydration and energy will have you feeling back to normal in a jiffy.

Detox Blend

Be Clean

Time for a detox? This formula is an amazing blend of amino acids and minerals designed to up-regulate your detoxification pathways.  

Glow Up

Be Radiant


Unique blend of age preventing nutrients and antioxidants to keep your skin looking radiant and forever young

Custom Blend


Can’t decide? This is a formula designed specifically for you and will help to correct any deficiencies you may have as well as targeting your unique health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IV Therapy?


IV Therapy is a safe way of administering specific substances such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids at therapeutic doses directly into the blood stream. We use IV therapy to treat chronic and acute illness and also to optimize your health.

How is IV Therapy preformed?


At Mcdowall Integrative Psychology and Healthcare all of our IV's are administered through a “drip” this method can take between 45-75 minutes depending on the type of treatment you are receiving.

How many visits will I need for IV Therapy?


IV Therapy is based on the individual and their health concerns and conditions. A typical treatment program can vary between 4 and 10 treatments. The frequency of visits will discussed during the initial IV therapy consultation.

What are the benefits of IV Therapy?


The advantage of using IV therapy is that by bypassing the digestive system it provides greater nutrient concentration in the blood stream. This allows cells to readily absorb the nutrients they need for optimal function. Good health begins at the cellular level.  With proper cell function you will build healthy tissues and organs. You will be healthier, stronger and feel revitalized! 

Are there different types of IV?


We offer many different IV formulations and also create custom IV drips for our patients.  For a list of treatment options, visit our IV menu.

Is IV therapy safe?


Yes, our IV treatments are very safe. All of our infusions are compounded onsite and are patients are screened before their treatment and monitored very carefully.

Are you interested in IV Therapy?


Feel free to reach out with any additional questions, or to book a consultation with Dr. Chaddah for IV Therapy. 


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