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Nutrition Power

It is so nice to know that spring is just around the corner. The days are getting longer and brighter which definitely puts extra pep in my step! March is also national nutrition month so I thought I would give you some nutrition focused heath tips this month. For the most part, improving your nutrition plays a huge role in the health and look of your skin. Being healthy on the inside translates to looking healthy on the outside. So go ahead and incorporate some of these changes into your daily routine and embrace the upcoming season!

A quick note for those who are going away for March Break. The importance of sunscreen cannot be overstated. Don't forget to stock up and reapply often throughout the day for the best protection. I love the Eminence Sun Defense Mineral Sunscreen. Hypoallergenic and water-resistant, it can be dusted right over your makeup for easy application and ultimate protection.

Don't Juice, Smoothie - If you are opting for a healthy beverage, the juice craze may have caught your eye. However, I'd suggest trying a smoothie instead. Juices typically extract all the pulp and nutrients of the fruits and veggies. Smoothies, on the other hand, retain all of the natural fibre and pulp - arguably the most nutritious part of fruits and vegetables.

Pump the Protein in the Morning - For many people, breakfast is the most sugary meal of the day. Cereal, muffins, and even yogurt are packed with sugar. This causes your blood sugar to spike and drop quickly, leaving you hungry and feeling depleted by 10 a.m. If you opt for a high protein, low sugar breakfast, your blood sugar levels will remain stable for a longer time, leaving you more energized and better able to focus.

Swap Fruit for Veggies - I help many patients achieve their weight loss goals. One of the first things we do is cut down their intake of sugar, including fruit. By reducing your sugar intake, your body will use stored fat as an energy source, helping to initiate weight loss. Try switching out your usual fruits for vegetables. Veggies have just as much fibre as fruit and are far less sugary, making them a more diet-friendly snack.

Drink More Water - I know it sounds cliché but there really are endless benefits to drinking more water. It can regulate bowel function, help you feel more full, distribute oxygen to the cells, improve circulation and remove impurities. Water can also improve your appearance as skin lines and wrinkles appear deeper when a person is dehydrated. So, drink up! Water hydrates and plumps your skin cells, making you look more youthful.

Profile Your Fatty Acids - You likely already know there are differences between good and bad fats, but do you know the particular breakdown of fats in your own body? By taking the Fatty Acid test, you can uncover any risk you may have for cardiovascular disease and, more importantly, develop a plan to prevent it.

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