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How to Self Care During Covid-19

As the Covid crisis continues, it becomes even more important for us to find new creative ways for self care. At our Naturopathic clinic in Markham, we use Eminence Organics almost exclusively because natural skincare is really important for our patients. I have been taking extra care of my skin these days and want to remind everyone that self-isolating has meant sacrificing many simple pleasures. Eating out with friends or celebrations with extended family, all feel like a distant memory. But perhaps impacting us most in the short-term, is the removed access to professionally-administered touch-ups. That means turning our backs on that regular facial when our skin care could probably use a refresh more than ever; increased blue light damage from screens and dehydration from endless time indoors leaving skin begging for attention. The upside is, of course, with the extra time at home some of us are experiencing during self-isolation, you can take skin care into your own hands!

While your bathroom might not hold a candle to a spa experience, don't let a lack of fancy tools or professional-level products prevent you from embracing your inner esthetician - giving yourself a decent facial treatment from the comfort of your home is completely doable. Boost your skin care regime with an at-home facial that's as easy as following a few steps from our friends at Eminence.

What Is A Facial?

Whether you're a facial fanatic or complete newbie, it's important to understand what exactly a facial contributes to your beauty routine. An all-inclusive approach to skin care, a facial is a treatment or series of treatments that can target multiple skin ailments. By now, we're all aware that the skin on our face is a map for our body's needs, and a facial serves as an infographic to point out any deficiencies or general conditions that need specific care.

Now, not all of these facial treatments are safe - or even possible - to achieve on your own. Due to the precision and experience required, extractions should be avoided at all costs. Chemical peels are also not wise to attempt on your own as they can cause pigment irregularities and even scar your skin permanently when they are misused. Even without these more advanced treatments, you can give yourself an hour of skin pampering that will reset your skin. Although nothing will replace the expertise and experience of a professional treatment, an at-home facial can maintain the health of your skin until your next opportunity to visit your esthetician.

Why Give Yourself A Facial At Home?

Experts advise a facial once a month if your skin is frequently problematic, or every time your environment changes or you enter a new climate (read: when you're suddenly forced to stay inside for weeks on end). Facials are an extension of your other skin maintenance, like exfoliation, dermaplaning or masks - designate time the same way you might pencil in a manicure or tidying your eyebrows.

A facial is also a chance for you to disconnect from working from home and relax into leisure time - simultaneously pamper yourself and tend to your skin's needs under different circumstances. Whether you're contending with a lack of work, relationship strain or any anxiety related to the current circumstances, this is a way to decompress and boost morale. Facials should be done at night when your skin is most ready to repair, so think of it as another method to unwind. Your skin also renews every 20-30 days, so you're likely to see results within several weeks of your facial.

How To Give Yourself A Facial At Home

Here is your step-by-step guide for giving yourself a quality facial:

Step-by-Step Guide to At-Home Facial

Step-By-Step Guide for Acne Prone Skin

Whether you're using facials to address specific skin issues, maintain your skin from pre-quarantine or simply de-stress, it's the perfect self care in trying times. You don't have to be a skin care expert, or perform a facial weekly, but putting aside half an hour pick-me-up has

aside occasionally to give yourself or your partner a beauty and mental health benefits. Plus, your skin will repay the investment, tenfold.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tamarah Chaddah, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

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